A novel method for whole blood

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Blood Plasma Partitioning

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Current Issue

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The fundamental advantages of using our capture-based purification method makes it a superior alternative to conventional viral purification methods and would potentially pave a new path for the direct characterization and sequencing of native RNA molecules.

A novel whole-blood miRNA signature for a rapid diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis Irene Latorre, Petra Leidinger, Christina Backes, Jose Domínguez, Maria Luiza de Souza-Galvão, Jose Maldonado, Cristina Prat, Juan Ruiz-Manzano, Francisca Sánchez, Irma Casas, Andreas Keller, Hagen von Briesen, Hernando Knobel, Eckart Meese.

We have described a novel in vitro pyrogen test (IPT) based on human whole blood, which has recently been validated in a collaborative study including the European Pharmacopoeia. Here, the utility of the IPT for lipophilic substances and lipid-containing end-products was assessed.

Whole blood is readily available and widely used for isolation of genomic DNA. However, traditional methods To this end, many novel genotyping methods have been Biomek® FX, and processed in the method as liquid blood samples. Approximately –ng of total DNA.

Extraction of human genomic DNA from whole blood using a magnetic microsphere method

A Novel Method for the Extraction of Mitochondrial DNA from Human Hair, Skin, and Blood Stain Forensic samples are often limited in their quantity; in whole blood was used in preparing the blood stain cloth.

Dried blood stained cloth and fiber were processed in the tests. Researchers from Osaka University find that a novel method for monitoring the effect of lung cancer therapy may help guide treatment choices.

Dr Tasuku Honjo won the Nobel Prize in.

A novel method for whole blood
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