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Calvin College

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Troup, Ph.D., Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, the Pennsylvania State University, PAis president of Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA; editor elect of Explorations in Media Ecology; and Visiting Scholar, Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Mary Vanden Berg joined the faculty of Calvin Theological Seminary on July 1, She has taught as an adjunct professor at Kuyper College, Western Theological Seminary, and Calvin Theological Seminary. Her graduate work focused on atonement theology. Try browsing Calvin’s A-Z website list or search all of using our Google custom search. - Faculty Web site Directory. Collin College - Faculty Website Directory. A very highly qualified faculty looks after the programs offered by Trinity School Of Apologetics. These people are divided into the following categories: Specialists: Men who have done considerable research, have at least one doctorate, have several apologetics or theology-related publications, and who have at least two decades of relevant teaching experience.

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Calvin college faculty
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