Is fashion good or bad for people

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Top 10 80s Fashion Trends

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Extremely, butt-hugging-underpants kind of creativity. The clothes you wear show what do of personality you have. Another opinion: I think fashion is sometimes bad for people because if you try to be fashionable you have to spend money and if you spend a lot of money you could go broke!

Another opinion: With fashion it depends on the person. Fashion can't be good or bad because every person should have their own style. Don't feel bad if you can't spend as much as everyone does in the fashion department.

Is fashion good or bad?

You can't blame yourself for not buying clothes that aren't in your price range. All fingers aren't, after all, equal. When people dress fashionably they feel good about themselves. This boosts their level of confidence and makes them perform well in the workplace.

It is now a known fact that people who dress and look well have better chances of getting a job. Top 10 80s Fashion Trends. Now, that’s a rad 80s look.

The only people not wearing miniskirts in the 80s were men (ok, well some did) and elderly women. Leg Warmers. Presumably the idea of fashion and being in fashion is to look as good as possible. These pants made NO ONE look good.

Fashion is showing people new ideas and, as such, can not be dangerous to society. Fashion is something new and, thus, brings new and creative idea to people's lives. It enriches them, and makes their lives more interesting.

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Is fashion good or bad for people
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Is fashion good or bad