New changes to tax credits for single parents

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The New Child Tax Credit

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In previous tax years, the credit has only been available for low- to middle-income households. In previous tax years, the credit has only been available for low- to middle-income households. A list of individual tax credits may be found at the IRS website — but double-check with your tax preparer for any changes or updates from the tax bill that aren't reflected in this list.

It's a loan not a donation; so when you're repaid you can use the money Related Results Now · Find Quick Results · Popular Searches. Your tax credits could go up, down or stop if there are changes in your family or work life.

Tax Information for Parents

You must report any changes to your circumstances to the Tax Credit Office. Do this as soon as possible. Being alert to the rolling changes that come at various life stages is the key to holding down your tax bill to the legal minimum.

Check out these issues that confront new parents. May 23,  · The two new $ tax credits would also begin to phase out at the new income thresholds.

Conclusion The new tax bill would make several changes to tax credits that aim to assist families and children.

New changes to tax credits for single parents
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Changes to the child tax credit: What it means for families