Phonological neighborhood size on verbal short term memory

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Socioeconomic status and memory

Verbal short-term memory and phonological awareness skills were assessed to determine whether learning new words involved accurately representing phonological information in memory. Although these measures of neighborhood size and biphone frequency tend to be highly related to one another (Bailey ScienceDirect ® is a registered.

material in short-term memory is fragile and may be lost unless it is somehow repeated. Suppose you meet a professor who is trying to determine what portions of the brain are involved in trying to recall a word that is on the tip of your tongue. Verbal errors (or more commonly: slips of the tongue) have since been titled Freudian slips.

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These are errors in speech (or memory and physical action) that are said to occur due to the interference of an unconscious wish, need, or thought.

/ Journal of Experimental Child Psychology () – to say that the current study shows that verbal short-term memory is crucial to new word learning when a precise phonological representation is required to complete the task (Service et al.

high neighborhood size. The current study examined the phonological and semantic contributions to the verbal short-term memory (VSTM) deficit in Down syndrome (DS) by experimentally manipulating the phonological and semantic demands of VSTM tasks.

Word-frequency and phonological-neighborhood effects on verbal short-term memory. (). Word-frequency effects on short-term memory tasks: Evidence .

Phonological neighborhood size on verbal short term memory
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