Pro vs college which football is

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20 reasons college football is better than the NFL

College football and NFL are separate products, and that’s probably a good thing. One is just much more fun.

Warren Moon

The College All-Star Game was the last ever contest in which an NFL team played a team from outside the league, with only two other games, a match against a Continental Football League team and a split-squad match against a Seaboard Football League team, both major blowout wins for the NFL teams, being played in this time frame.

College football has it’s own cult-like following. Sure the rules and basics are pretty much the same as the NFL but the atmosphere and fanaticism surrounding the game is completely different.

These fans are straight up CRAZY. Sep 21,  · College football players are better at playing college football than NFL players are at playing NFL football.

The problem is exacerbated by two. Note: The list only includes how current FBS conferences have fared against other conferences in bowl games. Legend: Cur. Level: The current level of play that the conference is affiliated with in college football.

FBS-AQ: A conference that is an automatic qualifier in the BCS. Last Bowl: The last season (not calendar year) that the conferences met in a bowl game(s).

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Here’s a list of local football players who have committed or signed to play at the college level, from Division I to community college.

Also included is Division I offers.

Pro vs college which football is
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